The technology world has created a massive impact on our society, everyday culture, and business world.  New and innovative developments are coming out at a rapid rate and they’re providing different industries with new capabilities that are changing the way regular tasks are completed.  Technology’s such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) are making their way into many different industries, and while some are unsure of the benefits, many believe tech like AI can be revolutionary.  Here are a few major industries that are being directly impacted by AI.


The manufacturing industry is one of the first industries that has not only been impacted by AI  but has been reaping it’s benefits since early developments. The greatest benefit that has come from AI in the manufacturing industry has been significantly improved efficiency, for both automated and physical human tasks and jobs.  Manufactures of all different kinds need to get things completed quickly, with pristine accuracy. AI has given many manufactures the ability to not only create products that are accurate, safe, and sustainable but also develop preventative maintenance measures that can address and fix issues easier than ever before.


The retail space is an industry that is spending billions of dollars on technologies like AI and Virtual Reality (VR) to improve customer experience and efficiency, according to Forbes. The days of traditional brick and mortar as the only shopping option are over.  Consumers are now virtually able to visit retailers, and visually experience products well before buying.  If you’re an avid online shopper, you’re probably all too familiar with “chatbots” offering to assist you with questions or concerns throughout your shopping experience.  This AI technology gives online consumers the satisfaction of having the help of a physical employee for customer service purposes. Additionally, AI technology gives retailers the ability to see consumers shopping patterns and interests using data that is collected during a single shopping experience.


Healthcare is on its way to becoming extremely virtual and digital, and as time goes on, new developments are being designed to improve the processes of healthcare professionals, as well as patient experiences.  AI is giving healthcare professionals the ability to make their offices more efficient and provide patients with accurate and informative care. New ways to diagnose conditions and provide treatments are a few of the many ways AI is making strides toward improving the healthcare industry.