Technology is the future, and that’s unlikely to change any time soon. We’re looking at a trajectory where more and more tasks, both simple and advanced, fall under the purview of machine learning and automation. That means that anyone looking for a promising career should keep an eye toward the world of tech. Here are some of the fastest up and coming jobs in the field.

Web and Mobile App Developers
The future of commerce is going to happen on our phones and our computers, and the increasing prevalence of the Internet of Things means that even once reliable services will be handled more and more through online-connected devices. That makes learning development languages like JavaScript, Java and Ruby great assets for aspiring professionals.

Market Research Analysts
This may be a slightly new career, but it could see a growth of up to 32% through 2022. As businesses have access to more tools that allow them to gather complex metrics on their customers, market research analysts are required to interpret that big data and transfer it into actionable behaviors.

Machine Learning Designer
While a future where fully automated Articifial Intelligence (A.I.) is still in the realm of sci-fi, machine learning is one of the biggest fields today, and the demand is only likely to grow. Designers can help with everything from creating algorithms for enterprise-level businesses to constructing virtual assistants, and they presently net a median income of more than $100,000.

Internet of Things Developer
While app, software and website designers create the tools that allow technologies to interact with each other, there’s also a high demand for the people who create that interactive hardware. As more and more devices start connecting to the virtual world, this field is only going to continue growing.

Cyber Security Analyst
As long as we rely on the internet for our business and leisure activities, cyber security specialists will never go out of demand. They’re the front line defense in the cold war against hackers and scammers, and they presently earn nearly $75,000 a year on average.

Computer Systems Analyst
The dual identity of these techs make them invaluable resources. Computer systems analysts need a grip on both information and business technology, as well as the savvy to balance the two when taking their company’s interests into consideration. That makes a business degree just as valuable as a science degree in this field.

Database Administrator
Knowledge is power, and that’s what makes database administrators such a valuable asset. They make sure that all of a business’s data is properly stored and accessible. Database languages like SQL are relatively easy to lean, but administrators will need to be adaptable enough to learn the languages that power their employer’s infrastructure.