In order to have progressive workplace improvement and business productivity, managers should endeavor to retain as many employees as possible. It gives you an opportunity to enhance employee development and competitiveness in production and service delivery. So, what should you offer as an employer to ensure that you retain as many employees as possible while lowering employee turnover rates?

Competitive Benefits

Employees need value in exchange for their services to your company. That’s why, often, job applicants have several interviews lined up with various companies. Competitive salaries, benefits, and remuneration are the bread and butter of employee value, as the employee will check industry earnings for those in similar positions at other companies. The salary that you offer your workers, and the benefits thereof, should be commensurate with the kind of service that they deliver to you. It is highly unlikely that a well-paid employee will seek greener pastures elsewhere.

A Conducive Workplace Environment

Employees also need a productive and conducive work environment that promotes their freedom and ability to deliver competently. To spruce up your workplace environment, you should ensure that employees have the necessary equipment and resources for them to work competently. Additional ways of creating a positive work environment include providing a flexible arrangement defined by culture and values rather than rules and regulations. Ask yourself: What makes your company and employees unique? 


Incentives are quite effective in sprucing up employees’ motivation to work. You should create some incentives in the workplace, such as small contests and competitions between different departments. Winners of such competitions can be given fun rewards, such as having a cup of coffee or dinner with the CEO. Other incentives include field trips after meeting certain targets. These incentives work in tandem with the workplace environment to create a positive experience for employees.

Internal Promotions

Whenever your company is in need of senior positions within the workplace, it is important to consider promoting existing workers rather than hiring someone from outside of the company. Keep in mind, however, that promotions aren’t just about senior positions; a common type of promotion is the pay raise. To ensure that such promotions add value to your business and to the workers, undertaking employee development through progressive training and sponsoring their higher education gives the workers a reason to maintain their loyalty to your business.