In many previous pieces, we have discussed the impacts of technology in multiple areas such as business, education and specific industries like engineering and agriculture.  Technology is a huge part of our society and our day-to-day lives. It’s almost hard to believe that only a few decades ago, our lives were nowhere near technology driven, and the changes have been substantial.  Here are a few major ways technology has changed our society as a whole:

Ease of Communication & Interaction

One of the greatest changes we’ve experienced in society due to technology is the way in which we’re able to communicate with others.  Within the last few decades, we’ve evolved from landlines and payphones, beepers and early cellular phones, to computers and smartphones that provide us with multiple forms of communication within an instant.  Text messaging, emails, video-chats are all instant forms of communication that many of us use daily in both personal and professional circumstances.

Additionally, social media platforms have provided interactive capabilities on a level that we’ve never experienced before.  Today, due to social platforms, you can maintain contact and engage with hundreds of people with the use of a single app. We’ve come a long way from payphones and collect calls.

Changes in the Workforce

The way businesses, large and small, function have also been changed by technology and its advancements.  Remote work opportunities are on the rise and have only been made possible due to recent developments in technology.  There have also been significant improvements in workplace collaboration, communication and flexibility. In some cases, technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and virtual reality (VR) have contributed to major industry changes; will we be working alongside robots in the near future?  It’s happening in some industries and is quite possibly going to expand to others soon.

Digital Addictions

While tech has brought us major positive changes, everything has a downside. For technology, a major downfall in our society is the development of digital addictions.  As a society, we have become extremely dependent on technology and all it provides us, and for mostly good reason. However, many people experience addictive patterns when it comes to their devices, and it has unfortunately caused general issues.  Texting and social media use during school and work hours has become a major problem for the education system and some professional organizations. Additionally, there are increased safety issues due to the use of technology during things such as texting while driving.