Cybersecurity is an industry that is currently on the rise.  Today, we manage a majority of our lives digitally, leaving much of our personal information and data open to hacking and cyber attackers.  This holds true for the general population, as well as large and small business organizations. The increase in technology and our everyday use of the internet can pose a multitude of security risks; but, how can you protect yourself, your business, and your employees?  The short answer is cybersecurity. While cybersecurity is a specialized niche that many of today’s tech and STEM professionals are focusing on, here are a few general things everyone should know about cybersecurity and how to best protect any personal or business related information.

Many Cyber Threats Can be Prevented

While they are hard to completely prevent, most cyber threats are preventable with the right security measures.  Most companies, whether a small independent business or a large corporation, tend to operate using some type of digital technology.  Company and employee information is often digitally stored, as well as personal and financial information of consumers. Minimal security on this information poses great risks and easy access for hackers.  According to Pavi Ramamurthy, LinkedIn’s senior manager of information security, all departments within an organization play a role in its information security “Within any role in the organization, learning about security can help an individual understand the risks and make informed decisions for their key stakeholders.”

Cyber Attackers Often Rely on Human Error

Because cyber attackers essentially rely on their ability to penetrate security measures, human errors are something hackers look out for.  Every department within an organization is usually accessing and managing information that should be heavily secured. As human error is a natural thing, it’s possible for organizations to experience a security breach due to the mistake of one employee that may have made a simple error.  With that in mind, it’s essential to provide cybersecurity training for employees to bring forward a clear understanding of how minimal errors or simple oversights could lead to a potential internal disaster.

Strong Industry Knowledge Can Result in Career Advancement

As the web and the digital age continues to grow and develop, so do the opportunities for a successful career in cybersecurity.  According to Cybersecurity Ventures, by 2021, there will be 3.5 million cybersecurity job openings; offering cybersecurity professionals successful and lucrative career opportunities.  Taking any opportunities to further your knowledge about cyber security can really help you get ahead in your current position, and ultimately prepare you for career advancement.